Old School Sights

I mean, I do enjoy film. It’s that day before Christmas feeling when you finally get your film developed in the dark room, and you are just about to unroll the spool. After an hour or so of technical agitation with the various darkroom mixtures in your canister of film, you pull off the negatives and hold them to the light. You pray they come out. In those few seconds of unspooling you think, “Shootshootshoot…did I use the right ISO on my phone light meter?! Damn you ISO 400 film!” You realize that digital cameras have spoiled you. As the light shines through the strip, you breathe a sigh of relief. YESSS! They are perfect (at least you tell yourself that because developing that one roll of film took forever).

And then comes the printing. There is really something magical about seeing your image come to life as you let the developer wash over the now exposed print. Then awe turns into a wee bit of frustration when you print that same print over and over to fine tune those dark room edits. But you power through and find the perfect time of exposure and contrast, and you define what areas to doge and burn. You print a few more of that perfect image. YES, IM SUCH A PHOTOGRAPHER. Fist pump.

One down. A million more to go. Yay.

Thank God for scanners. Having all of my negatives in one organized file on my harddrive? Yes please.

You can follow these beautiful models on instagram at adreamdiffered and kayhawks13.

Nicole (the one with the crazy stick bra) is a great friend and fellow photographer. Her photographs are gorgeous! You can check out her site here

If you want to see how film is really done, please make your way to

This girl lives and breathes fine art. She has an amazing creative soul.


Creative Bubble


Art is frequently an activity for the individual. That means we need our own space. A space all to ourselves. And in this space, we can be all the artsy fartsy we wish to be. We can lock ourselves away in our own creative bubble and work away, lost in the zone of inspiration and motivation. This is my space.


To Get Up or Not to Get Up

To Get Up or Not to Get Up

Last semester a good friend of mine needed a bio video to put on her website as part of a media and marketing class. We really wanted to encompass her love for the beach and the relaxed and natural looks of her photography subjects. So at 8:30 a.m, we met at Ledbetter beach to shoot the video. Sometimes I forget how beautiful everything looks when its still overcast in the morning. Its soft and dream-like, and when you are photographing people the lighting is gorgeous. Its sometimes hard to get up in the morning just to “photograph for fun,” especially when sleep is one of those things you can’t get enough of (I know I hear an “AMEN” from all the Brooks students). But hey, if you have the time, why not? Once you are out shooting you never think, “wow this beautiful lighting is not worth getting up an hour early.”

You can see the finished video of Saskia here!

Make sure to check out her blog! She is an amazing photographer with such a fun and quirky personality, which you will see in the video 🙂