Younger Years


I think children are fascinating. They are curious about everything and get into everything. At a very young age you don’t care  about finding yourself and establishing your identity, which is something that seems so important as you get older. You just want to know the names of objects and why things work. Everything is simple when you are a kid because all you know is living in the moment.

I think it’s interesting that so many people believe photographing young children is difficult. You don’t have to tell them how to act because they don’t know how to be anyone but themselves. Everything you photograph is who they are, whether they are laughing, crying, shying away, or just contently sitting and ignoring you. Photographing family portraits is one thing, but capturing a personality is quite easy.

These are only a fraction of the images I took. My boyfriend’s nephew and niece are insanely adorable and full of expression. I sat on the floor for about 30 minutes with my camera watching them entertaining themselves with a box. Kids are crazy. And after photographing her kids all day I bet their mom thought I was a little crazy too…

I guess that’s a given for photographers.

Happy Wanderings



When I was in high school I wanted to shoot fashion. I suppose I had it in my head that I was a nifty thrifty trend setter who could bring a certain dramatic and quirky edge to fashion photography. I’d still consider myself thrifty (or cheap…), but I’ve long left the dreams of shooting tall models in long gorgeous dresses that would take me months of eating top ramen to buy. I quickly realized I was much more interested in capturing personalities and glimpses of a seemingly attainable happy lifestyles. Clothes are fun, people are better. But, there are times when merging fashion and lifestyle becomes seamless, and really communicates the feel you want. I’m infatuated with the relaxed Santa Barbara lifestyle, and that carefree feeling finds its way into my photography. Shoots like these remind me why I never want to leave.


I’m not gonna. Ever.


Thank you so much to my lovely model Alexis Ransom! She is a fellow photographer and you can follow her on instagram here:





I love faces. I love how you can create a story just by seeing a face. Where have they been? Who are they? When I photograph people I want the image to be more than technically correct. I want expression to give more than that blank stare look we see so often on models faces.

Intrigue your viewers. Make them look twice or longer than two seconds.

Thank you to my lovely models (from top to bottom) Kaitlyn Hawkins, Thania Madere, and Nicolle Sims 🙂


Cool Drifting

So I have my weeks. They are the weeks where I swear I have lost my mind. This week has been that kind of week. The to-do list becomes this evil thing looming over your head.

You have been there, haven’t you?

But then you have to remember why you have this list: you are creating opportunities. You create opportunities because you have the drive, and you know you have it in you to handle the responsibilities you put on yourself. You have it in you to take one thing at a time, and check off the to-do list like champ. And you know what? The list never ends! But that’s okay because you know what you can handle, what you can attack easily and what you can chip at until you can check it off the list. It’s all about keeping your cool, and knowing that some things are just out of your control. You do what you can, and hold fast to the motivation that gets you from point A to point B.

Thank you to my beautiful model Sophie Merkley! You rocked those sassy shades like no one’s business in that freezing water!


Forgetting Snippets

The snippets of life: the moments that come and go so fast that we often pay them no attention. I have built a passion around capturing moments and surroundings and things that intrigue and inspire me. But I find myself forgetting the snippets. There are many times that I overlook something because I tell myself that it is boring. In that moment, I convince myself that some subjects are just “there”, and hold no place in creative thoughts. But time and time again, I find myself wishing that I documented these snippets, because I realize later on that they actually did intrigue me. They had the potential to be a cornerstone in a larger project, and I cannot easily revisit it. Moments are fleeting, and it is my job as a photographer to make them timeless. No one can tell you that images have to be planned, or that they have to have some sort of deep underlying meaning. Not even yourself. As artists, we have an obligation to ourselves to document life as it unfolds. This includes ideas, events, people and, of course, the snippets.

The snippets are what we see in the time between projects. They are the landmarks that lead us from point A to point B. Once we pass them, it is easy to forget them. Try not to forget them. Challenge yourself to give the small moments your full attention. Find the value in overlooked detail. If you allow the snippets to become these documented moments, you have opened a whole new range of possibilities.

I call this “Snippets of Sushi Time” which took place at Kai Sushi in Santa Barbara. Nom nom 🙂


A Lovely Engagement

You cannot fully understand the phrase “two peas in a pod” until you meet Matt and Tania. For as long as I have known them they have been attached at the hip. She makes him watch Teen Wolf (though secretly I think he enjoys it), and he makes her…accept and love him. And she does whole-heartedly. When they got engaged, I knew I was taking their engament photos. I wouldn’t take no for an answer. The day of the shoot I made them hike a little (sorry guys!), but they happily let me drag them around to different locations because they knew that I was excited for this shoot.

As I was organizing and editing through the images today, I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face. The whole shoot was unbelievably adorable. Capturing moments like these makes my heart so so happy!


LA Was My Monday

This past Monday I did a bit of LA exploring with my good friend Will (you can check out his stuff here! This chaotic and colorful land of concrete holds much in store for me. Adventures and experiences do not appear out of thin air. They wait for you to find them. It is an exciting game that many people opt out of playing. I can’t live a life where I am stuck at start. Being afraid eventually fuels the excitement that evolves into fun. And boy, do I like fun.


Long Hair and Evening Air

Long Hair and Evening Air

I love photographing Audrey. We went to the same high school, but never really knew each other. One day I saw on Facebook she moved to Santa Barbara, and I asked her to model for an assignment. She has been one of my closest friends ever since, and she is always saving my ass when I need a model ASAP. The best thing about having Audrey model is that she has so many expressions. My favorite is when she models with this sort of quirky, awkward beauty. She is one of the least vain people I know (and she definitely has her funny awkward moments!), so It captures her perfectly.


A Pinhole Camera Self Portrait

A Pinhole Camera Self Portrait

Did you know that if you darken a whole room, and let a small circle of light shine through the window, you can create your own pinhole camera? Science man. After a lot of cardboard, duck tape, and a 30 second shutter speed, I was able to bring into my bathroom the image outside the window. I figured this was a sweet opportunity to create a bizarre self-portrait. As you can probably tell from my photography so far, the quirky and unusual things in life serve as a means of inspiration for me. I try to find things in day to day life that breaks the monotony of it; things that remind me that life can be interesting and exciting if I remember to keep an eye open for ’em.


Morning Touring (with the Leica!)

Morning Touring (with the Leica!)

I have been meaning to try shooting around with the Leica for some time now. And I will admit…I YouTubed how to focus it just to find it really isn’t that tricky. Its funky. I like it. I ran around the house, coffee in one hand camera in the other; finding random things to light by window-light at 7 am (like my roommates stacked bagels…). Twas fun! Nothing like a bit of early morning creative brain exercises.