So I Saw the Cutest Chipmunk in Mammoth


I literally went on a day trip to Mammoth. After graduation I went home to San Diego, and my dad asked if I wanted to drive up to Mammoth where he had to do some measurements on a cabin and other general contractory stuff.  I was in a car for a total of 14 hours to spend half a day there. Was it worth it? Of course. Got to spend some quality time with the pops, and I was able snap the most delightful picture of a chipmunk stuffing his fat little cheeks. I was no kidding, 2 and a half-ish fee away from him. Obviously he knew he was cute, and knew I was there to capture his cuteness (I would have actually captured him and taken him home if it wasn’t, you know, against the law…). Aside from the chipmunk shot, which was easily the highlight of my day, the rest of Mammoth was gorgeous. Everything looked so crisp. The place was just begging for snow, and I can only imagine how beautiful it is with a white blanket. The air was still and sounds were seldom. I felt small in such a vast landscape. It’s strange how nature develops, where everything, the rocks, the trees, the mountains, are perfectly placed.

After a bit of adventuring with my good high school friend, Ian, and his Grandma (my dad was working on their cabin), we set out for lunch at the Yodler Restaurant. Boy do I appreciate a pretzel larger than the size of my face paired with a cold beer, especially after a bit of walking. The place was right next to the ski lifts, which looked weird hanging above a grassy slope. But I hardly paid attention to my surroundings as I was too busy stuffing my face. Did I mention my friends call me chip (short for chipmunk…) Thanks Tara.

Lastly, we arrived at the cabin, and I was greeted by a fat dog named George, and a wiggly little guy named Bob. I fell in love with both. Just look at George’s underbite. Can you handle it? I can’t. If it were up to me, I would have happily left Mammoth with two dogs and a chipmunk. But all I have are these pictures…sigh. Maybe one day…


Have you Heard of Hayfork?

I bet you haven’t heard of Hayfork. Its in Northern California, an hour into the mountains from Redding. You drive on this crazy winding, barf inducing road, but other than that the drive was beautiful. There were trees upon trees, and the endless green was a nice change from our Santa Barbara environment. I went with my boyfriend and we stayed at his Grandma’s house, which was a lovely cabin-like place. She must have thought I was crazy, because I had my camera up to my face the whole stay, capturing the random sights around her house. A bathtub in the yard. Come on, why would you not want to shoot that?? So bizarre, so cool. I also have a whole memory card just filled with images of her dogs, Charlie (the small one) and Mable. A few days in the mountains was incredibly refreshing, just adventuring with a camera in hand. No rules and guidelines, only capturing life because I love to.