A Pretty with a Polaroid


During weekend weekend I created bio videos for two awesome photographers. Both lovely, but with extremely different styles. If you remember from yesterday, Alexis photographs people with an interesting take on lifestyle and portrait photography. Today I am excited to share Sarah Brooks’ bio video. She is a fine art photographer and seriously just the cutest thing you will ever meet. She is what you would imagine a fine art photographer to be: a lover of film, cats and coffee. But unlike many fine artists, she is not afraid to share her work and passion for film with everyone. She is moving away to Oregon, and though I know she will create amazing art out there, I am sad she is leaving 😦 

Why can’t all the graduates just hang here in Santa Barbara with me? 

While I sit and pout, you can look at all of Sarah’s wonderfully dark and beautiful photos at http://www.sarahbrooksphoto.com/

Pulling Under



Woah guys, college is no longer. I just blinked and it was over. Am I an adult yet? Hardly. The reality check hasn’t been too harsh, and I am testing the waters of freelance photography. I will admit it’s all a little daunting. Not only do you have to be good at what creative services you are providing, but you have to be good at selling who you are. It’s no secret in the world of photography that people hire those they like to be around. You can’t really blame them though. Who wants to hang out with a complete schmuck during a full day shoot?

Drifting thoughts aside, I’d like to share an image I created that’s pretty quintessential of the feels that I feel…literally all the time. Obviously it has multiple meanings because I am all about ambiguity. Do you ever feel one moment you are drowning and the next you are like “Wait, no guys I’m totally cool. Seriously, I got this.” Story of my life. My ability to grasp on motivation towards creative endeavors is only so so at the moment. It’s not that I am burnt out, but once in a while my brain needs a break. I have to reconnect to the drive that landed me in this position (graduate of photo school. woo!) in the first place. Once you find it you have to nurture it. Sometimes we fall off that path because we learn so many rights and wrongs from so many people who have a dead set way of doing things. One moment we think we are creating all the right things then BAM! someone says something else is correct. You get pulled in so many directions. You stumble. You doubt the path you once believed in.

You know what? Forget them. You do you boo. No one knows you more than you.

Art is so subjective anyway. Who’s to say what is right? I’m right, your right…only if you think so though.

But dude, I know you are. So…happy dance/ fist pump? cool! 🙂


Eye Think


Eyes are so symbolic. I guess its a bit cliche but I can’t help myself. If you have been following my blog thus far, you have seen my obsession with meaning, or at least some glimmer of a meaning. You want to make people think. You want to create impact, even if its only for a small moment, because the satisfaction of creating work goes beyond finishing the piece. If you are an artist, there is a part of you that lives for introducing new work into the world. The drive behind your creativity is the need to express your thoughts through mediums in the hope that someone out there gets it. Or maybe your work is the reason someone is able to finally wrap their head around an abstract idea. Finally they have found something that makes sense to them, and they have you to thank. You will probably never hear from them, but the possibility of creating that moment for anyone is enough motivation for you. It is for me. Sometimes I forget it though. Isn’t it so easy to fall into a pattern? Wake up, do life, same as yesterday, sleep. 

I know I am lucky. I was fortunate to fall in love with a passion I never tire of practicing. But man oh man, recently I feel as if there is not enough time in the day. For like, anything. I graduate in less than three weeks at 21 years old. A very young 21. If I think I have no time now, I must be kidding myself (at least that’s what your thinking, am i right?). The word “adult” is strange to me. I can hardly associate myself with it. And now I have to be one. Or at least fake it till I make it, as many of our teachers are reminding us as they push us out of the classroom environment. A huge part of me is scared. I’m afraid I will lose the time to nurture my creativity, or maybe even lose my motivation. I see so many artists and photographers losing the spirit that pushed them to create because they fall into the monotony of life. They become tired, drained, burnt out. I just have to remember that I have a responsibility to myself. As does everyone with passions they love and practice. You can’t work so hard to get to a certain point and then suddenly decide you are tired. It’s an excuse not worth backing up. And you know that. I mean, I don’t know if I am talking to myself, or if anyone feels these feels, but putting it out there makes me feel better. It’s harder to break a promise that you have proof of.

I guess today you got to read the contract I created for myself to not become a worn out artist. Today I made a promise not to be a quitter. You should too, because you owe it to yourself. And I believe in you! Yes!! Now I know you are 100% committed to not being a quitter.

You boss. 

On a side note, thank you to everyone following my blog! I started this almost a whole year ago (HOLY COW WHAT?!), and it’s nice knowing people actually read the sporadic wordy thoughts of my brain. 

Images: Eye Candy, Voyeurism, Tears……get it? 🙂

The Idears Dear to Me




I like to have meaning behind my photographs. I suppose I am deep thoughtful person… 🙂 But I think its important to keep the message a little ambiguous. Then people can apply the meaning that is most relevant to them.


Honestly I had a whole post written out, but the computer wacked out and froze and now I don’t have time to write it again 😦 I will ramble another time soon! I have to leave for a wedding! Remember this lovely couple from a few months back? https://thebeatofmyart.wordpress.com/2014/02/17/a-lovely-engagement/


They are getting married tomorrow! Yay! I love them both! (….and the free food and wine yum!)


Keep it real folks! ❤


The Lovely Lips

I suppose for many photographers, people become a canvas. The expressions and actions they direct are the movements of their own sort of “paintbrush.” But sometimes, when I’m feelin a little artsy, I literally make my models a canvas. Why not dig out the paint and do something unexpected? I love having a blank canvas in front of me. Sure, its process to the finished image, but no one says you can’t have fun with it. Paint some eyeballs, some lips, maybe a tree…anything! It’s your project!

As always, my lovely model Audrey Mangiameli doing her thang! Whipping that hair! 🙂


My Cranium Counterpart

I feel like I talk about brains a lot. I can’t help it. There is so much going on in my noggin that I have the constant urge to spew back out all the thoughts that trickle their way in. Sometimes its in the form of some artsy thing, and other times its here, so that people I don’t know can read all about it and contemplate my sanity. Im kidding…I think.

So again, back to brains.

You should really, if you already haven’t, become best friends with your brain. BFF’s in fact. I’m serious about the forever part, there is no changing out the workings of your noggin. Sorry. The way I see it, the more you embrace your ideas and the way your mind works, the better. We all have parts we want to fix. Your brain is that one friend that has no filter, says outrageous things and sometimes suggests the most idiotic ideas, and you find it in your heart to love them. “Hey, lets get a Wendy’s frostie and fries for dinner!” “Not today Brain.” You have had this conversation. Don’t lie. But sometimes, your brain says “Hey, you should paint till 4 in the morning as you eat peanutbutter sandwiches and listen to Disney songs” and you think hey, that’s not a bad idea. Love your brain for all of its loose nuts and bolts.

I have found that my work has changed dramatically once I started to follow through with ideas I once deemed too weird. I guess they are still weird, but they are definitely more me. Befriending your brain helps you appreciate the thoughts that find their way in. Giving time to thoughts can lead to enlightenments and overall good feels.

So are you friends now? Excellent.


Standing Infront of Your Own Camera

I have always felt awkward photographing myself. The fear that someone would just tear apart the image, judging and analyzing the moment where I had exposed a piece of me; it kept me behind the camera where it was safe and comfortable. This semester I took a class that put a huge focus on conceptual thinking. I had to find that part of myself that fell in love with ideas and the challenge to express them. Our teacher brought to light the importance of being in touch with our identity, and understanding how to express our own unique view on life. Each self portraits becomes another page to our journal. As we grow, change, hit roadblocks, and push forward, the portraits will change. It is important to accept the skin you are in. You don’t have a choice. The more comfortable you become, the better hold you have on who you are and what you think. You need to reconnect with yourself once in a while, and that reassurance for yourself is essential to moving forward with confidence.