Home for Homecoming


This past weekend, on a whim I made a trek back home to San Diego. I left Friday at 1:15pm. Never again. The traffic alone is enough to keep me from moving to LA. Oh how I love you Santa Barbara and your less sucky traffic. Anyways, if you remember my last post, I talked about my younger brother and shared images from my own twist on senior portraits. It was a rad sesh, and if you haven’t checked it out you should! Well this week, I am going to share images of my younger sister, Oni. See, this past weekend was homecoming. As you all know, it’s a very important time in high school. It’s hectic, and the whole day leading up to the dance is a blur of makeup, hairspray, and last minute essential shopping trips. I guess I can only speak from one perspective, but I am sure the guys are just as involved…right? 🙂 My usually curly haired sister actually looked like me with straightened locks. Usually no one can tell we are related! Of course, as expected I was her own personal photographer for the day. And of course, I took the pictures I wanted.

Yes, Homecoming can be a day of mild drama, a competition for the shortest possible dress and boys who feel indifferent about the whole ordeal. But Homecoming can also be a moment for friends, and enjoying a time in life where it seems you can conquere anything (especially your look for homecoming!) Because the moment high school is over, that goes right out the window doesn’t it? 🙂

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