The Crazy the Colorful


I know that I can go on and on about my love for colors. Its more of this nerdy obsession, like a preschooler who just learned about them and wants to tell everyone. Don’t even get me going about pastel colors. Specifically cyan and yellow. See…this is getting weird. I can’t even explain it. Before I just blabber and regret publishing my trail of thought, here are some photos integrating the world of paint, texture and photography. And color. Lots of wonderful colors.


The Youngins Ain’t so Young

The Youngins Ain't so Young

I go through phases where I really miss home. There are moments where I’m like, “What are you doing Lex?! Don’t you miss snuggling with your dog and being with your awesome (and insane) family?…BANANA BREAD LEX GO HOMEEE!” And so I pick up the phone, call my mom, and go “yo, I’m coming home.”

Every time I come home I feel like my siblings grow up SO MUCH! What is this?? WHY DO YOU HAVE FACIAL HAIR?! Aren’t you supposed to be 13? No, Zeno is 16, and my younger sister Oni is 15. I hardly have to pack clothes to go home because we are the same size. Time flies when you are off at school chasing a dream, and you forget that the life you left at home doesn’t wait for you. So last weekend was a catch-up period. I needed to make time stop for a moment, so what did I do? I made Oni and Zeno model for me. Not that they needed much convincing, seeing as they are obviously comfortable in their own skin. A couple of handsome buggers. I love em so much 🙂